TAST-ZIN / Sense of Touch, Artie, Amsterdam (2011)
artists and their use of material
Exhibition concept and curation: Atelier Barbara Broekman    

You can watch the documentary TAST-ZIN by clicking here!    

The exhibition Sense of Touch offers a powerful experience by means of exciting use of material, bold visual interventions and a surprising and expressive approach of image, matter and subject.

In Sense of Touch the spectator’s senses are stimulated. Are the artworks hard or soft, rough or smooth, heavy or light, cold or warm? Actually touching the works is not possible. One should experience the material and subject by looking and recognizing. The exhibited works remind of images, objects, experiences, emotions and desires. The starting point for this exhibition is the accessibility, the physical component, the tactile, visual and plastic attraction of the work of the artists:

Harmen Brethouwer
Barbara Broekman
Tom Claassen
Gijs Frieling
Arjan van Helmond
Marc Mulders
Maria Roosen
Gé Karel van der Sterren
Berend Strik
Mary A. Waters

During the exhibition a documentary is showing in which the emphasis is put on the coming into being of the artworks. The actions that are carried out to make the works come into being are shown by filming the artists in their studios. In this way the spectator gets an impression of the process hidden behind the final result which the spectator gets to see. Laura Hermanides (direction/ documentary) and Lea Fels (production) have organized and realized this film.

There is a full-color publication available including an article by Hans den Hartog Jager, specially written for this exhibition. The documentary is included in the publication as a DVD.