production & process
ceramic mosaic
concrete mosaic
axminster weaving
gobelin weaving
handknotted carpets
handtufted carpets
gouache painting
digital print
weaving canvas
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production & process

The actual manufacturing of most of the works is undertaken by others, which makes it possible to apply a very wide range of techniques. Broekman works closely together with specialists all over the world: Gobelins are woven in Poland, tufting is done in Spain, cross-stitching and chain-stitch embroidery in India and China. There lies great beauty in handwork and craftmanship. Time taken and hard work can quite literally be felt, bestowing character as well as quality. The slow, almost meditative activity involved in creation, offers a clear balance to the speed and haste of contemporary consumption. Human imperfection is ultimately much more interesting than the technical perfection of modern generic production. The creative power of the human being is woven into every era and every culture.

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