Faith 2009

019.BARBARA-BROEKMAN - FAITH2014 - Birma - 205x148cm - PH.GJvanROOIJ.jpg

Faith (2009) is the first series for which Broekman used the computer for the generative process. The works are based on newspaper photo’s documenting tragic events, possessing a wild beauty at the same time. The photo’s were scanned, enlarged and unravelled into units, causing a geometric abstract pattern in which details vanish. This effect is magnified by the complex technique of Jacquard double weaving. From a distance the image is visible, falling apart into pixels while taking a closer look. This approach is related to the painterly tradition of pointillism, constructing the image from equipollent dots.    

The photographs were chosen for their almost religious radiance: they evoke questions about the relationship of the individual with the incomprehensibility and chaos of life. Though the events demonstrate the human capacity of creating misery, they also show rezignation. Catastrophes and wars are inherent to human existence. Daily life will go on. What remains is the inevitability of fate.