Amsterdam University, Faculty of Law, 2017
For the new building of the Amsterdam University Faculty of Law, Barbara Broekman developed a monumental canvas – 30 x 4,5 meters – representing the jurisdiction. The work covers seven floors. Broekman used imagery of the jurisdiction as shown in Western art history, and mythological and Biblical stories dealing with the struggle between good and evil.
In a second work - 7 x 4,5 meters - she researched the many different faces of Lady Justice. For this collage, Broekman used a huge variety of images distracted from the arts and popular culture. 

In 2018-2019, students enrolled in the Law and Art History programmes of the Amsterdam University set out to catalogue the depicted figures in Justice and Injustice. Who are they and what do they symbolise in terms of both art history and the development of the law? The result is an inspiring website with background information on the more than 300 depicted figures and artists ranging from Moses and Napoleon to Rembrandt and Klimt.
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