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Dutch broadcaster WNL produced an item about the difficult relationship between artists and earning money.  It appears that the majority of Dutch artists needs another part time job to cover their utilities. Barbara explains how she has always been able to make a living out of her art. 

A short movie about Barbara´s work for the new building of the Faculty of Law, Amsterdam University

A short movie about the installation of My Second Skin at the Fries Museum Leeuwarden, 2017

A short movie by Laura Hermanides about Barbara´s work Open Mouths

NTR tv: Vrw.Zkt.Knst. about My Town in the Amsterdam Museum

A movie about the art and interior of the Paleis van Justitie, Amsterdam: 10 min

Teaser of Barbara Broekmans work My Second Skin

A movie by Laura Hermanides about Barbara Broekmans group exhibition TAST-ZIN