Tegendraads, 2019
After a career of thirty five years, it is time to reflect. Creating a moment to look back, to consider and to unravel. ‘Tegendraads’ (which means as much as ‘rebellious' or ‘against the stream') is a reflection on Broekmans complete oeuvre, in which she uses her sources of inspiration, drawings, studies, mosaic tiles and even pieces of concrete.

For ‘Tegendraads’, Barbara created 150 sheets of 35 x 80 cm, in which she leads the viewer through her artistic choices, thoughts and considerations. Together, the sheets make up a huge artwork of 120 metres.
Fortunately, a more compact version of the work exists as well, since the sheets are also processed in a very special artist book. For this book, the original work was photographed, printed and complemented with extremely fine woven Jacquard. After this, a professional artisan bookbinder brought it all together into 8 unique books.

Click on the photo's below to view a selection of the sheets.
Together with the artist book comes a small textbook, in which Barbara explains her motivations, sources of inspiration and materials. The text (in Dutch), written by Xandra van Gelder, can be read here.