Diaries 2005-2006

The work Diary I contains more than 5.000 separate images. All have been collected in Barbara Broekman's career as a professional artist. The images vary from personal photographs to news photos, advertorials in magazines and motives and patterns found in daily-life-material as tablecloth and wallpaper. Each of them has been a source of inspiration and literally been used in a work of Barbara's hand.

An original textile design has been the basis for the final composition. Following this design, the images have been printed on various materials as polyester, canvas and denim, and cut out, arranged and glued by hand in different layers. As in other work of Barbara, formal aspects as colour, movement, 3-dimensionality, light and energy, have been the main concerns in "diary". The "floating" design evokes the illusion of depth which enhances the dynamics in the work and seduces the viewer to look at it. The result is a spectacular "tableau", a feast for the eyes. From a distance the viewer experiences a monumental composition full of colour, movement and optical illusion. Seen in close-up, the separate images become visible and tell their own story.

Following Diary I, Diary II gives an impression of Barbara Broekman's oeuvre so far. Over 5.000 details of already realised projects have been assembled in a dynamic moving composition. Iimages are cut and pasted manualy, scanned and printed on various materials as canvas, denim and photo paper.