Loss, 2007-2009

The works from the series Loss are based on newspaper photos documenting important catastrophes of the twentieth century; like the bomb attack in Oklahoma City and the civil war in former Yugoslavia. The images focus on the victims: women and children fleeing from war and disaster. They grief for the loss of their loved ones and are uncertain of their own faith.

For each of these images the artist selected a textile motive, typical for the country where the picture was taken. Like the American quilt: a handmade bedspread that was traditionally given as dowry. Or saltbags, decorated with Islamic motives, used by Bosnians in former Yugoslavia. According to Broekman, textile crafts represent the human power of creation. They are a means to express cultural identity and as such they provide grip and structure in the chaos of life - everywhere. In these double images she unites the creative and destructive powers of mankind.