Spatial Object, 1999 (not executed)

The death of Barbara's mother in 1997, inspired her to design two spatial objects. With the so called 'oval rooms', Barbara aimed to simulate the overwelming sence of loss she experienced during a beautiful early sunset.

The design of the spatial objects is based on pichtures of Barbara's mother, her twin sister Else and herself. The pictures are transformed in such a way that the human form is barely visible or recognizable. Barbara designed two rooms: one executed in dazzling colors, the other one in basic black and white. The colored room was planned to be build out of soft carpet and textiles. Therefore, it would appeal to the sense of touch, and stimulate the visual senses by the use of color and movement. Being in the room makes the visitor feel comfortable and safe: noises from outside are muted and the surroundings are soft and warm. At the same time, feelings of desorientation and instability are stimulated. 

The other room gives an opposite experience. Executed in hard materials, and painted in black and white, the room creates distance and abstraction. The senses are confronted with heavy stimulus, noises from outside and inside seem to amplify. The black and white pattern though is calming for the eye. This room stimulates a sense of serenity, distance and displacement, and will carry out an overall feeling of detachment. 

These two methods of using color and materials in the same type of room, create two different experiences. The contradiction between the two spaces is exiting and intriguing. Hard versus soft, color versus non-color. One room is distant and sereen, the other overwelming, warm and intimate.