Westland, 2004-2005

In 2004, Barbara was commissioned to create five tapestries for five different municipalities in the Westland region (south-west of Holland). Each carpet was placed in the town hall of the concerning municipality. The tapestries were executed in hand embroidery and hand-woven Gobelin, and represent important aspects of the region. Flowers, greenhouses and the history of trading are imbedded in the twirling compositions. 

1. 'Circle of life' represents the earth (symbolized by its four continents), the four seasons and the four elements. The carpet shows the victory of light over darkness, and a pyramid as a symbol of eternity. The sun fulfills an important role, supplying the power of life and determining the days, months and years. For Westland, the sun is specifically important because of the many greenhouses that need its light and warmth. 

2. 'History of the Westland agriculture' shows the importance of grapes for the region during the 20th century. There are many (religious) associations with the grape. Think for example of Bacchus, and wine as a symbol of (the blood of) Christ and eternal life. It is used in many old wall carpets and - paintings, and is therefore an interesting motive for Barbara to use.

3. 'The tools in "en profil"' is a composition made out of all the profiles needed to build a greenhouse. 

4. In 'Trading', one can distinguish Mercury (god of trading) combined with earthly attributes: the cornucopia, a spade, a hoe and a sickle, ears of corn, fruits and grapes. 

5. 'Speech of flowers', (final product) shows a collection of 19th century texts and descriptions, executed in a font of that time. Every word has a meaning symbolized by a flower. The chosen words can be applied to different aspects of entrepreneurship and management. 

Depicted flowers: sunflower, tulip, threecolored violet, fritillary, iris, poppy, passionflower, cornflower, rose, lotus, daisy, orange and lemon, thistle, lilly, carnation, violet.

Words: poverty, prudence, lightsomeness, flexibility, sustainability, wilfulness, patience, faith, happiness, memories, hope, diligence, jealousy, calm, difficulty, life, moderation, do not abuse, courage, humility, anger, usefulness, independency, fairness, wealth, quiteness, beauty, speed, fortitude, support, boldness, talent, time, pride, earnings, community, diversity, perseverance, caution, dignity, efficacy, wisdom, certainty.